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I live with my 90 year old grandpa and 84 year old grandma.
  1. How to speak really loud without sounding like you're yelling/angry
    My grandpa has trouble hearing. It's not usually how I speak but if I talk uppity like I'm always asking a question it doesn't matter how loud I yell it doesn't sound like I'm mad
  2. How to give insulin shots
    For my grandma. Jiggle the tummy around to find the softest spot. One of the few times a soft belly is helpful
  3. Just eat what they give you
    Grandma loves to feed. Just eat it. It makes her happy.
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Best sushi places in LA please.
  1. Sugarfish
    That is my favorite right now.
  2. Sushi Park
    It's on Sunset. And you might see a famous person!
    Suggested by   @angusisley
  3. Echigo
    Arguably the most underrated west-side sushi. Never a crowd. Fantastic selection. Not pretentious. Delicious. http://m.yelp.com/biz/echigo-los-angeles-2
    Suggested by   @Salomon
  1. I think frogs are nocturnal
    I only heard them ribbet ribbet at night.
  2. BBQing with charcoal is complicated
    Gotta let the black burn off before you cook or else the meat will taste like gas. And it'll probably poison you
  3. I could never go real camping
    The glamping cabin with a kitchenette and queen bed still smelled funny I had to buy a candle
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  1. Oh heeeeyyyyy
  2. Socks. She hates ky
  3. Rawr
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Reasons why I downloaded this App
  1. Because @ayacash told me to
  2. I want food recommendations
  3. Cause a funny man invented it
  4. I just like new things