I live with my 90 year old grandpa and 84 year old grandma.
  1. How to speak really loud without sounding like you're yelling/angry
    My grandpa has trouble hearing. It's not usually how I speak but if I talk uppity like I'm always asking a question it doesn't matter how loud I yell it doesn't sound like I'm mad
  2. How to give insulin shots
    For my grandma. Jiggle the tummy around to find the softest spot. One of the few times a soft belly is helpful
  3. Just eat what they give you
    Grandma loves to feed. Just eat it. It makes her happy.
  4. Keep the dogs away from them
    Again, grandparents love to feed. Anything. My dog is super overweight
  5. Don't take anything too personally
    My grandpa likes to casually point out every zit I have on my face. But he says it's a sign of youth so it's cool
  6. Be prepared to be at a grocery store all day
    The grocery store is my grandmas shopping mall. Hours looking at tofu.
  7. That's all for now