Shout out to Christopher Columbus, who apparently didn't even know what Indian people looked like.
  1. They mix people up of the same ethnic group who look nothing alike
    This includes the times in my predominantly white and Asian high school when I got mixed up with the other Hispanic girl who was good at math. I'm Peruvian, native/white mix. She was Dominican and clearly part black.
  2. They can't tell who's related
    The horror of the time I introduced a white friend to a group of black friends and she told them they were like The Jackson 5. In addition to looking nothing like a group of siblings, they weren't doing anything musical, and there were only three of them.
  3. No really, they can't tell who's related
    My sisters and I are obviously sisters. You can't miss it. People ask if different groups of us are twins. But when white people realize not all groups of people of the same ethnicity are the same even if you account for your assumption they can't all have the same daddy, all ability to judge is lost. My sister and I took an intimate intensive class together this summer and 2/3rds through the professor still thought we were just close friends. Maybe the real problem is white people don't listen.
  4. Dolls
    Did you know there are a million other ways to tell a person is a particular person besides difference in natural hair color and three different buckets of skin tone you match against? I don't look like the one urban doll you left over for your Hispanic consumers. Btw, people darker than all the shades of light beige you accommodate (via dolls, makeup, underwear) actually have a gradient of skin tones too!
  5. They have white people play people of other races all the time
    I strongly suspect white people just think everyone else just has fewer distinguishing features, see above. This makes using a white person to play a PoC temptingly easy. Even better, let's just change the character to white! That will make it easier for the audience since now they just have to distinguish between a bunch of white people!
  6. The doppelgängers of celebrities they post as their Facebook pictures.
    Maybe hair color really is all they go by. Damn, white people, damn.