What to Get Me for Christmas

Not just for Secret Santas.
  1. Hello Kitty Anything
    Like, literally, anything. Even if it's something I already own but you found a Hello Kitty version of it. That would be fantastic.
  2. Sweets
    Chocolate is good. Cannabis chocolate is good (happy to wait until I'm in your state for that). Stroopwafels are good. Anything I can easily share when hosting people is good.
  3. Tea
    I like tea a lot. I just don't have much in way of selection. Also, I just like hosting people, see above.
  4. Tickets to a show
    Preferably to something in NYC. Underground is good, mainstream is good too. Strong preference for comedy/plays/musicals over concerts. I still haven't gone to a concert for an artist I actually listen to.
  5. Beer
    Extra points if it's funky and from your local area.
  6. "Wearables"
    Or really, any weird techie thing.
  7. Korean Skin Care Products
  8. Delta Miles
  9. The Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
    As one of two colleges at my alma mater that aren't named after someone yet, I'd like to lock in the Quispe School of Computer Science as quickly as possible.