1. 1st grade - Ironically dressed as my school principal Dr. Butler for Halloween
  2. 7th Grade - The Hulk
    No costumes were allowed in middle school so the thing to do was find a group of people, pick a theme, and make t-shirts.
  3. Party Animal
    In high school I wore a lion costume and a party hat - Party Animal.
  4. Psychedelic Woodland Creature
    I was a camp counselor, and we got to pick themed dining hall nights. This was the theme we chose to be interpreted however one wanted. I wore the lion head from the previous costume, a beak, face paint, and carried a snake.
  5. Cowboy Hat and Stamp Jacket
    At a wakeboard tournament at the same camp, there was a concert. During the concert, I thought it would be fun to get into a more fun outfit. I found a cowboy hat and jacket covered in stamp pictures. The night ended with me tambourine jamming on stage and crowd surfing over a dangerously small crowd of 15 or so people.
  6. Marcel the Shell With Shoes On
  7. The Charmin Bear