How I Would Screw Up Owning a Self Driving Car

  1. First I put in the address.
  2. I promptly fall asleep.
  3. I wake up in traffic frustrated we aren't there yet.
    By the way I'm such an asshole for being annoyed. I'm literally sleeping instead of driving, but whatever I'm a terrible person.
  4. "Do these self driving cars have to go the speed limit ALL the time?" I think to myself.
  5. I yell at all the cars.
  6. I fall back asleep.
  7. I wake up and see we have arrived in the wrong place.
  8. I realize I plugged in the wrong address.
  9. I'm now really late and really far away from where I need to be.
  10. My car won't reroute.
  11. Jesus Christ what neighborhood am I in?
  12. Oh man, I am so late.
  13. Can I drive this thing?
  14. How do I switch to manual driving?
  15. Where is the manual?
  16. I figure out how to drive it myself.
  17. I plug in the right address.
  18. It ends up being a normal car.