"Cool Girls" are those girls that you know and are maybe friendly with, but aren't really friends with. You see their posts online and you think, "Wow, they are living a cool life." If you don't know what I'm talking about, kudos! You're a cool girl!
  1. She posts pics on Facebook and Instagram of her crew at cool spots like city rooftops!
    She's always with her crew (also cool girls) and will post photos of them at all kinds of fun places like a boat or a roof or an island, and you'll think, "does she have a job? How does she have all this free time?"
  2. Her crew always look good
    They all have cool outfits that go together but aren't too matchy, and they are all in shape forcing you to ask, "How are you all so in shape? How do you have time to hit the gym between your trips to the Cabo and posting photos of giant burgers on Instagram?"
  3. She and her crew have been BFFs since before high school
  4. She has a vague job in marketing
    She loves it, but it's not the center of her life.
  5. At least once a year she goes on a girl's Vegas Trip
    And they always talk about how they can't wait for next year!
  6. She loves a good day drinking adventure.
    Bloody Mary Bar, bottomless mimosas, and a nap from 4-7 before going out at night? Perfect day!
  7. Their hashtags are utterly unoriginal.
    I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does. Their use of hashtags is so basic that I would assume they're being ironic but I just know that they're not...and in that case it's like why bother with hashtags in the first place? Just put up your photo of you and your friends, all in virtually the same bathing suit (except the one girl in a shirt) and don't waste your time by writing #sun.
    Suggested by @esreed