1. Bring It On
    Or any of the Bring It On sequels.
  2. Mean Girls
    Because you just have to.
  3. The Guardian
    I feel like it's always on TV and I always end up watching it. - this is that movie where Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner are in the coast guard.
  4. Saving Silverman
    My sister and my cousins and I always quote this back and forth whenever it's on TV.
  5. The Parent Trap
    Without fail I always end up watching the whole movie.
  6. Beauty Shop
    Full disclosure, I don't always watch this one in its entirety, but I always let my sister know when it's on and that I'm watching, and she always replies, "stop telling me whenever you're watching Beauty Shop."
  7. Step Brothers
    The minute it comes on I get hooked and can't turn it off.
  8. ABC Family Harry Potter Marathons
    Sometimes I think I have my whole Saturday planned, then I see ABC fam is running an HP marathon. The next thing I know I've watched 7 movies and 7 movies worth of commercials.