(In order of when they pop into my head daily)
  1. Do I have to get up now?
  2. How does traffic work?
  3. Is it lunch time?
  4. Why aren't naps permitted in the workplace?
  5. Why did my coworker ask me that question when I know they already have the answer?
  6. What if there was another hour in the day?
  7. What if there was another weekend day?
  8. Am I doing a good job?
  9. How DOES traffic work?
  10. What should I have for dinner?
  11. How many episodes of this show can I watch before I have to go to sleep?
  12. What do I have to do tomorrow?
  13. If I go to sleep now, how many hours of sleep will I get?
  14. Should I work out in the morning?
  15. How many emails will I have when I wake up?
  16. How am I going to get everything done?
  17. How many days until the weekend?
  18. Will I ever find a balance?