1. Driving around regions previously uncharted (by me) in upstate New York in my dad's SUV
    2000-2008 (ages 9-17). My dad, Lito, is a beautiful hybrid of New Jersey chooch and Deadhead, so he liked to spend our time together by whisking my sisters and I off to admire the novelty pipes and tapestries around Saugerties on Sundays when he had custody. This album was on the stereo system a lot.
  2. Driving around regions totally charted (by me) in Essex County, New Jersey with my high school boyfriend
    2004-2007 (ages 13-16). Adam had a white Buick LeSabre and took me to my second-ever concert (first being Elton John at MSG for my seventh birthday; I was and am wild for him). The summer before my freshman year, we waited 10 hours to be against the rails for Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. (I was very much Lito's stoned-guidette daughter.) Obviously, this album got HEAVILY made out to, generally speaking. And we listened to the k.d. lang cover of the eponymous track a ton?
  3. Moribund with heartbreak after losing my best friend
    2014 (age 23). She once told me the most romantic thing anyone ever did for her: In college, she went through a heavy Neil Young period--he was her side-piece to her longtime main dish, Moz. Her boyfriend arranged a surprise show & played her Smiths songs in the style of Neil Young. She said it was UNCANNY--that she cried and laughed throughout; it was so sweet & ridic. I listened to this a lot after we stopped speaking, hoping she could always or at least sometimes have that kind of happiness.
  4. Now
    2015 (age 24). I love not listening to this in the context of other people, too.