These may or may not have happened to me
  1. Caught a date roughing up the suspect to himself on while watching a video of himself hunting
  2. Spent an hour listening to a date talk about his Star Wars collection. It was his retirement strategy
  3. A fiancé of a friend of mine sucked his thumb when he was stressed. He is 30 years old
  4. He kept using the restroom because he had just flown from China and had eaten some bad 'meat'
  5. He farted. So bad that I gagged.
  6. He told me that I didn't meet his expectations. To my face.
  7. He thought my uterus stopped working the day I turned 40
  8. He sent multiple inappropriate photos of himself. Before we even met.
  9. He liked my dog more than he liked me. He told me so.