Things I have learned at a 6 year old's birthday party

I learned some good stuff at a birthday party today
  1. Bringing your small cuddly pups is mandatory
  2. The party will go on. Rain or shine.
  3. Don't buy a 6 year old clothes. They will end up in a pile under the bead making machine.
  4. Sparkly cupcakes will be served. If you don't like sparkles don't come.
  5. Plastic beaded jewelry is a must wear as much as possible.
  6. Children will want to drag your small furry pups around the party. Make sure the fur balls are well behaved
  7. Being 6 is a momentous occasion. One that deserves applause and 17 adults singing Happy Birthday in unison under one umbrella while it is pouring outside.
  8. The party will end only when said 6 year old is ready. Bring your comfortable shoes