This may or may not have happened during my appointment today
  1. Don't wear a micro mini skirt and sit in the pedi chair. All of us can see your lady bits because somehow you forgot to wear underwear.
  2. Don't arrive 30 minutes early and demand that 3 different my people on a busy salon wait on you hand and foot
  3. Don't polish your own nails while on the salon and then tell the staff you want a discount because you've done half of the work already. The salon folks had to take off her polish job and redo it. Weird.
  4. Don't bark out random comments like " I bought a pack and play down the street for cheap" at random pregnant patrons
  5. I repeat. Don't wear a mini in the pedi chair. I don't want to see your lady parts and neither does the male technician that is scrubbing your gnarly clubs.
  6. If a child doesn't say he'll back when you say hello just let it go. Don't ask the holds mother 389 questions about the child's socialization.
  7. Don't talk loudly on Your cell phone about "David" and his none of your business problems.
  8. Please recognize there are others in the salon and keeping your voice at an inside level of loudness would be greatly appreciated.