Lots of deep thoughts...
  1. Dang. The keynote speaker is smart. I have never thought of that before
  2. I wore a suit and many of the too good here look like they crawled out of their loft in their dorm
  3. Why don't they have more bottled water here. I'm not a camel.
  4. How long is this keynote speaker going to talk?
  5. Some of my old colleagues are doing a mighty fine job and putting me down. Can't they just say hello and be nice
  6. Why don't people think about a market before they design a super fancy app?
  7. I cannot survive on stale cookies and 3 ounce cups of water
  8. It's only been 10 min since the last time I looked at my watch?
  9. There are a lot of smart people in this room
  10. I spent what on this conference?
  11. I know I am learning something here
  12. This key note speaker is funny
  13. How many people here do the same thing that I do? Am I really and entrepreneur?
  14. Who can I network with next?
  15. Keynote is over! Hooray! Now what was his message?