Things I have learned from the great people in my life
  1. Do something that scares you every day. Grandma Elaine
  2. Life is meant to be shared. Dad
  3. Get the crazy people out of your life. Dad.
  4. I went into business for myself because I was tired of working for a$$holes. Dad
  5. Do what makes your heart happy. Mom
  6. Life is hard for a girl named Amy. You have it pretty good kid. Stop whining. Big brother David.
  7. Nothing good happens after 10 pm. Mom and Dad
  8. Don't date people who are 'GUDs' (geographically undesirable) Dad
  9. Just go out and do it. Big brother brad.
  10. Just call him. What do you have to lose? big Brother Brad
  11. Be thankful. Mom
  12. Laugh at yourself. If anything someone is laughing. Grandma Elaine
  13. You need to love yourself before anyone will truly love you. Mom
  14. Read. Every day. It makes your brain work hard. And makes for good conversation later. Mom
  15. Dance like no one is watching. Mom
  16. Keep a positive attitude. Mom and dad.
  17. Keep your heart open. Mom
  18. Do the best you can. If your best isn't good enough do something else. It's probably a crazy place to work / person to date/ person to be friends with anyway. Mom
  19. Be proud of all you have accomplished. Family.
  20. Work hard. It will pay off later. Dad.