Okay, for MY library... This week... No particular order.
  1. Sketches for My Sweetheart, the Drunk- Jeff Buckley
    Don't get me wrong, I have never underestimated Grace, but the first 5 tracks on this record are fire.
  2. Hozier- Hozier
    Such poetry. From Eden and Sedated. So politically aware.
  3. Continuum- John Mayer
    Most well rounded album I've heard yet.
  4. Once Again- John Legend
    The grooves are all there, and his melodic sense is so haunting sometimes. Not to mention his voice- one of my all time favorite male vocalists.
  5. Coming Home- Leon Bridges
    A breath of fresh, 50-year old, Woodstock tainted air in the pollution that is our current musical atmosphere sometimes.
  6. Axis: Bold as Love- Jimi Hendrix
    Never will there be another. His most sensual work.
  7. Songs in the Key of Life- Stevie Wonder
    He's the perfect blend of musical chops, vocal ability, lyrical societal sermons, old soul music, and just a pinch of 80's cheesiness.
  8. Live at the Regal- BB King
    Blues on fleek. (what?)
  9. Late Registration- Kanye West
    Old Kanye was the best Kanye.
  10. Blak and Blu- Gary Clark Jr.
    May tie with The Story of Sonny Boy Slim, but you can't go wrong with a 335 and fuzz face.