Inspired by @ramivaa / @marymurphy except reversed because I'm the little one
  1. it was very rare for us to do out to eat growing up due to money
  2. so if we got McDonald's or fast food IT WAS A TREAT
  3. unfortunately for little me my brother saw this as an opportunity
  4. I have always loved and respected him a lot so don't blame me for believing him when...
  5. he told me we would play "Princess, Prince" where the princess had to give all her fries to be prince (literally the only rule of the game)
  6. SO I DID IT
  7. EVERY time we had French fries
  8. until my mom found out and ripped him a new one
  9. which I think explains my love (borders on obsession) for French fries today
    fear of losing them??
  10. I still bring this up if we eat French fries together