1. dear fly buzzing around my room at midnight,
  2. as I laid here in my bed peacefully, prepared for a satisfying sleep after a busy weekend, I am perturbed.
  3. I hear your wings touching a mile a minute like high schoolers who can't keep their hands off each other in public.
  4. I tried to deceive you by turning lights on in the hallway, and turning my light off in my room to cause you to leave my presence.
  5. you're pretty sly for a fly.
  6. you waited on your perch upon my wall until I was deceived into thinking I could finally go to sleep.
  7. naturally, you waited until my eyes were shutting before you began your violent noisemaking once again.
  8. I think you landing on my headboard and nightstand is literally to taunt me.
  9. you're rude.
  10. I don't like you.
  11. please leave.
  12. most earnestly,
  13. your not so friendly neighborhood twenty something