1. I'm a pretty "au natural" kinda girl as evidenced by this list: MAKEUP HELP
  2. so here are my top picks for chicks like me who need beauty products but aren't about to spend millions
  3. Mane n Tail conditioner ($6.19 Target)
    this is literally for horses AND humans. ever been jealous of a horse's mane? now you don't have to be! I swear by this stuff. it keeps my curly hair from being dry, keeps my ends healthy, and gets my hair growin fast! I also have used the shampoo and it's great but not necessary.
  4. Dove dry shampoo ($4.49, Target)
    it took forever for me to find a dry shampoo that didn't leave my hair sticky or gross or white! dove's dry shampoo makes my hair not greasy and clean.
  5. gold bond healing lotion ($4.99, Walmart)
    I've always had some DRY skin. like my mama used to put lotion in socks and make me wear them on my hands and feet at night to keep my skin from cracking. this lotion has essentially changed my life.
  6. bare minerals foundation: matte (golden tan/matte) ($28.50, Bare Minerals)
    people either love or hate bare minerals - I love it. it was the first makeup I purchased that i can't get at cvs. I like that my skin tone is even with this stuff! it also lasts most the day and keeps me from being a grease puddle.
  7. bare minerals correcting concealer: tan 2 ($20, Bare Minerals)
    just bought this concealer and it CHANGED MY LIFE. it covers my dark circles, acne scars, and occasional pimples SO well. it's creamy and matches my skin and works flawlessly with the foundation.
  8. if you wanna try out bare minerals but aren't sure if you'll love it - pick up their "get started kit." ($22 at Sephora)
    there are samples in both original & matte foundations, mineral powder, bronzer, and brushes! it got me hooked!
  9. burt's bees lip balm ($2.69, literally everywhere)
    I refuse to use any other kind of lip balm. this stuff is my cocaine. it's tingly and leaves my lips soft and minty!
  10. cover girl nail polish ($4.99, Target)
    SO cheap. Idk about stay power because I paint my nails like once a month so they chip anyway, but the colors are so pretty and I don't have to take out a small loan for them
  11. crest 3D white toothpaste ($3.41, various stores)
    I drink black coffee, water, and Dr Pepper exclusively. my teeth have potential to basically be brown forever. I always get compliments on my white teeth tho! shoutout to this toothpaste