I love strong women, and I love surrounding myself with strong women.
  1. Kaitlyn Bristowe
    was a badass Bachelorette. very genuine and was probably the most vulnerable Bachelorette experience I've seen. also funny af, stylish as I'll get out, and Canadian.
  2. Ellen Degeneres
    selfless, funny, and so kind. Ellen is a precious angel sent to us earthlings for whatever reason (we are not worthy)
  3. Viola Davis
    so talented, intelligent, and graceful. she's one of those people that you want to make sure you listen closely when she talks. she's also BA
  4. Gina Rodriguez
    because she speaks up for ALL and she is a terrific representative of Latina voices. and she's FLAWLESS.
  5. Amy Poehler
    her book wrecked me. she is my soul twin. I love her love for supporting other women, and being a kickass mom and a kickass career woman. #feminismrules
  6. Mindy Kaling (@mindy)
    perfect in every way. always speaks her mind, stands up for others, utterly hilarious.
  7. Kristen Wiig
    hilarious and like a little baby fawn that I want to lovingly hug while laughing at its jokes
  8. Tina Fey
    hilarious and snarky (without apologies). also a kickass feminist.
  9. Lupita N'yongo (per @MichaelRose suggestion)
    brilliant actress. reminds the world that black is beautiful through her daily life. incredible positive example to all young women.
  10. Chrissy Teigen (per @MichaelRose suggestion)
    she is a perfect example of a woman devoted to her career, her husband, and her family. makes bomb ass career moves. model/swimwear designer/cook/writer/blogger. she's one of those "she's just like us!" people to me.
  11. I love that there are so many strong women that more are being suggested - guess I shoulda made an open list!