1. if you're a guy
  2. who thinks he's fly
  3. and also known as a bustler
  4. always talkin bout what you want
  5. and sit on your broke ass
  6. a scrub is...
  7. a guy who can't get no love from me
  8. hanging out the passenger aide
  9. of your best friend's drive
  10. tryin to holler at me
  11. if you checkin me
  12. and your game is kinda weak
  13. and you know you cannot approach me
  14. and you look like trash
  15. if you don't have a car and you're walking
    oh yes, son, I'm talkin to you
  16. if you live at home with your mama
    oh yes, son, I'm talkin to you
  17. if you have a shorty, but you don't show love
    oh yes, son, I'm talkin to you
  18. cause I'm lookin like class
  19. wanna get with me with no money
    oh no, I don't want no scrub