Requested by @nikkilounoel
I've only had one actual ex boyfriend, but I'll go through the list of guys I've liked or "talked to"
  1. Hot in Herre - Nelly
    first crush: Josh. I was in 4th grade, he was in 5th. he never liked me back.
  2. This Is Why I'm Hot - Mims
    Tyler, 6th grade. we were best friends who were so flirty it was ridiculous. I basically loved him.
  3. Lips of An Angel - Hinder
    Adam, 7th grade. he's still "the woooooorst" (sung like Jean-Ralphio)
  4. Pieces - Red
    a different Tyler, 7th grade. he was a drummer and the first guy who was a musician that ruined me forever
  5. it's bad that I don't remember but something by Led Zeppelin, I imagine. he also loved John Mayer (pre-Born & Raised), Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon, Queen
    Jon, 10th grade - sophomore year of college. my first love & only "real relationship." his favorite song would switch all the time because he's a musician. I also called Led Zeppelin, "The Zepp," just to piss him off, and it never failed to do just that.
  6. something by Underoath I think
    Mitch, summer 2015 (also a musician). we were "talking for a couple months" till I decided I couldn't do long distance again, especially with someone I didn't love yet.
  7. I'm an infant with men. it takes me 100000 years to like anyone, because I'm not easily impressed. so my male history isn't as exciting as most. sorry, folks.
  8. thanks for the request, @nikkilounoel 💕