maybe I should invest in a car??
  1. had an old man look me up and down on the L and lick his lips
    FUN 😃
  2. had some guy yell "hey mami" over and over as I walked to the train station then his friend who was driving SLOWED DOWN so he could yell "I'm gonna suck your ass later tonight, get ready"
    FUN 😃😃
  3. had a man shout a rating at me for my butt. I was wearing a parka that goes to my knees. how does he even know that my butt didn't get removed in a scary surgery that left me buttless
    FUN 😃😃😃
  4. had a man driving on the street next to me tell me he would give me a ride while repeating "I'm not a creep" while continuing to follow me in his car for about a mile until I pulled my phone up to my ear to call the cops.
    FUN 😃😃😃😃
  5. I have concluded: being a woman is fun, safe, and all I could ever want in this life