feel free to suggest things! I will post more the longer I live here. and will probably inevitably post at least one list of things I hate about Chicago because it'll be cold and bitter here soon..
  1. the leaves were green, then orange, then gone. none of this gradual change thing - I love that it happened so fast
  2. although I have had many encounters with gross men, Chicago is the first place a man has ever gone out of his way to make sure i'm not uncomfortable by his presence
  3. the neighborhoods in Chicago feel way more like Chicago than downtown does
  5. the only place I've been lost so far is Auburn-Gresham, and people there are the friendliest and most helpful and I love AG
  6. options for fast + cheap food late at night extend beyond McDonald's and Taco Bell
  7. Chicagoans love Chicago
  8. I look like the people in my neighborhood and I've never been surrounded by people who look like me so that's so cool
  9. I only have to wait a maximum of 15 minutes if I missed a train versus 30-60 mins between buses in BloNo
  10. the Chicago flag is so pretty and it's everywhere
  11. Headquarters Beercade exists and they sell craft beers and have free arcade games and it's kind of my dream bar
  12. I walked through the set of Chicago PD on my way to my train stop, and I don't even watch that show but it was neat
  13. I see so many parents taking their kids to school on the CTA and that makes me really happy