1. sometimes I don't comment on someone's status of celebration (graduation, baby, marriage, moving) because I don't want to get notifications from other people commenting on it
    like don't tell me I have 8 notifications and it's because your aunt, grandma, and best friends all commented too
  2. I would rather order anything through an app than have to speak to someone at a store to buy it
  3. if you call me and I miss your call, I will text you back saying "hey, you called?"
    if you want me to call you back you will have to give me a 5 page paper with a bibliography on why I need to talk to you on the phone
  4. I have two Twitter accounts. one is professional and one is personal. that way if an employer ever asks for my account, I can give them the one that tweets about education policies rather than the one that gives rude social commentary
  5. my computer went kaput and I'm already thinking of just saving up for a new one instead of taking it in to see what's wrong
  6. orange is the new black season 4 comes out and I have to rewatch last season to remember what happened but idk how I will since my laptop is dead
  7. ^i was going to download the Netflix app on my phone but I don't have enough storage
  8. there are times I haven't returned something I didn't use just because I thought the cashier would say "you're returning that to get $2 back?" and I can't handle that kind of judgment
  9. one time I was at a Starbucks from 9am-6pm and I kept buying things all day so they couldn't ask me to leave
    I had about $7 left in my bank account after that day
  10. I usually check snapchat (@ anapyper) for the temperature before I check the weather app