I should have known from early childhood that I would grow up to be a feminist, because for all these reasons, I already was one. I didn't understand why boys and girls were different or had different "roles." still proud of mini me.
  1. my actual favorite song/anthem was that Gatorade commercial where Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan compete to the tune of Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
  2. Dream jobs: firefighter, construction worker, police person, professional athlete
    I distinctly remember wanting these jobs because "boys do these jobs and I can do it just as good as them"
  3. literally always the only girl playing football and basketball during recess...
  4. ...until I told other girls that they can play with us because boys aren't any better at sports than girls
  5. in 5th grade I hit my face on a trash can and had to get stitches..
  6. ...I remember crying and freaking out until the varsity men's basketball coach helped me and drove me to the hospital and I was convinced if I "showed toughness" he would pull me up to play for the HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY BOYS BBALL TEAM
    this is a little alarming because men shouldn't be held to a "toughness scale" nor should women, but like I was 10 so I hadn't yet understood how feminism benefits men as well.
  7. I cried in middle school because my mom wouldn't let me play tackle football