Inspired by @supabg
  1. a white porcelain coffee mug from target
    there's like millions of these out there
  2. my ex boyfriend's fender jazzmaster
  3. a sketchbook (so I can write to you - Tom Riddle style)
  4. a puka shell necklace a surfer in California is wearing
  5. in this puppy
    good luck trying to destroy a puppy
  6. a peg leg
    just imagine how terrible you would feel for destroying a man's ability to walk
  7. the One Ring from LOTR
    you'll try to destroy it but all of a sudden you'll find yourself going through middle earth with a ragtag bunch of hobbits, a ranger, an elvish prince, a dwarf, an old grey wizard (not Dumbledore), and some other magical creatures. it will take you approximately 3 films to destroy it