thanks for the AWESOME options, @nathanveshecco. I 💕 you forever. check out the original list here: (and follow him - he's your new favorite li.ster)
  1. Justin Timberlake: UNDER
    FIRST OF ALL: he was in the greatest boy band of all time (if you're a backstreet fan, GTFO). SECOND: the man can SING, DANCE, & ACT alllll sooo well. he is a living triple threat. he is also a living legend. I don't doubt that someday my kids will sing "cry me a river" or "what goes around comes around" at classics karaoke night in a bar at 2am. although he's often on the charts, I think we mere humans don't value him like we should.
  2. tea: OVER
    I genuinely cannot understand tea. it just tastes like hot flavored water. nothing spectacular to me. it feels like one of those things everyone does to be cool and "worldly." but that's none of my business... ☕️🐸
  3. thrift shops: UNDER
    even though Macklemore made it cool for white privileged folks to thrift shop now, I still think thrifting is underrated. people go for the brands or new stuff. y'all. the home goods! the eclectic style you could have soon! the furniture (de-loused)! the 90s albums! also the deals at the salve (Salvation Army) are a godsend.
  4. cruises: OVER
    one word: TITANIC
  5. solitude: UNDER
    being alone is one of my favorite activities. if you can't be by yourself and enjoy it, you need to love yourself more! I became more confident in myself when I spent time in solitude - I had to face the shitty stuff about myself and actually deal with it. also, I get to choose the Netflix show and how many beers I want to drink and if I want to wear pants or not. people are cool, but I'm cooler 💁🏽