I moved here in August, but here's what I've learned so far. Chicago listers, add your pro tips!
  1. always wear headphones
    it makes you look preoccupied when creepos tryna talk to you on the train; also, makes commuting more tolerable
  2. make sure someone you love knows where you are
    this might seem like a thing you do when you're in high school and your mama yell at you like "WHERE YOU GOIN?" "WITH WHO?!" but fr, someone should know where you are and your anticipated time to be home. people be crazy
  3. it's ok to take a picture of something touristy or just plain rad
    just please don't stop in the middle of the sidewalk. do your business quickly (also a good bathroom motto)
  4. go out and drank all over the city!
    don't stick to just one neighborhood. there's all types of people in all types of neighborhoods - don't restrict yourself to just one or two!
  5. explore this place
    y'all, there are too many amazing things to be done and places to go for you to spend weekends drinking and/or watching Netflix. go to a museum, play in the park, check out the art scene in Bridgeport or Pilsen!
  6. master the polite laugh
    for when a rando try to talk to you on the El and get you to sell her energy drink and be on her "team", politely chuckle at a joke then put your headphones back in (based on real events)
  7. take public transit
    this might just be me but it's a terrific way to get to know your city and the people that live in it
  8. prepare for all seasons, they may even happen on the same day!
    tell me why it was cold af yesterday morning, then I had to take off my coat and cardigan because it was 70° after school
  9. find your place of solace
    living in a big city with lots of people can be really overwhelming and really lonely - find the place that rejuvenates you (coffee shop, yoga studio, park, a baller used book shop)
  10. Know your preferred route home when you take a cab
    Otherwise the cabbie may take the long way, the way they know has more traffic, etc. to make more money off you
    Suggested by @LeahG
  11. If your in a cab and the driver says the credit card machine is "broken" you might be able to argue a free ride
    The thing is once you say you don't have cash the cabbie will most likely be able to fix it.
    Suggested by @flynnmp