@longhini thinks we aren't friends since I didn't force him to join List, I merely asked him. so here's a list of why he is my friend. also, you should follow him
  1. he's gonna move to the city and we're gonna eat at every taco establishment in Chicago which is a lot
  2. he loves Full House
  3. we're both mixies (he's half Puerto Rican and half white, I'm half Brasilian and half white)
  4. and we started a gang because of it (it's called Los Locos)
  5. he likes beer and whiskey, I like beer and whiskey
  6. he's "The Dark Lord" in my phone (Harry Potter reference)
  7. I'm "Lil Funyuns" in his (Master of None reference)
  8. we're actual twins merely separated by about 6 years
  9. we're making an audition video for The Bachelor for him when he comes to the city next
  10. we send 30 Rock, The Office, Full House and Jim gifs to each other all the time
  11. he sent me a link to a video of my favorite scene in 30 Rock (when Tracy and Liz argue to the tune of Uptown Girls by Billy Joel)
  12. he lets me make jokes about him being straight up ancient (even though he's really not)
    I laugh every time and he is kind and a good sport and laughs sometimes too
  13. we cheer for Voldemort and have a hand signal for "Team V"
    Death Eaters 4 Life
  14. he started being a mentor and it's awesome
  15. I didn't have to publicly shame him into joining List, I merely had to text him about it and he joined