realized the first guy I ever loved broke up with me around this time 2 years ago. so this is in memoriam of our relationship. Jon & Ana (2010-2014) RIP in pieces
  1. 🚩when my dad met my best friend's then-fiancé, he said "I hope you find someone like him" WHILE I WAS DATING JON
    also my dad is my bff so I shoulda listened
  2. 🚩both of our usual drink at Starbucks is the sbux doubleshot which costs $3.33 so whenever we would get coffee together the total would be $6.66
  3. 🚩 he didn't like cookies
    and I'm like an EXPERT at baking homemade chocolate chip cookies and only weirdos dont like cookies
  4. 🚩he hated my cat shirt that says "are you kitten me right meow"
    obviously no sense of humor
  5. 🚩one time we were triple dating with our best friends at someone's house and I tried to do the lady & the tramp thing with him and he REFUSED. I kept a spaghetti noodle in my mouth for 5 MINUTES
    refer to reasoning above (no sense of humor)