Inspired by @nikkilounoel because everyone is doing it
  1. the time I couldn't remember this guy and Google came in clutch
  2. because my brother sends the best texts
  3. this means so much to me
  4. this meme is me
  5. I texted this to my family because it's obviously wrong and actually terrified me because I never hug anyone so clearly I'm not surviving, maintaining, or growing
  6. the pic my mom posted of me on my birthday that's accurate af
  7. this podcast changed my life
    I normally sleep really well but my anxiety has been getting pretty bad and keeps me from sleeping. this podcast literally bores you to sleep. it's amazing.
  8. me. my bro wanted it for his lock screen background
  9. my brother
  10. sorry if you're a republican but this just made me laugh so hard
  11. an amazing face swap
  12. me
  13. snap I sent to a friend
  14. my roomie and I laugh at this every day
  15. and that's not all, folks
  16. (I love screenshots)