I'm a teacher so the majority of my social media accounts are either private or with names that don't include my last name since that's what my students are usually most familiar with. don't need them knowing what my Saturday nights look like or my snarky thoughts about basic girls
  1. twitter: ana__isabelle
    it's the love of my life. I like to think I'm pretty funny. refer to @nathanielrepay's list here: THE TWEETS OF ANA, RANKED (I did not pay for this sponsorship. also please follow him. his lists are wonderful) also share education + social justice pieces.
  2. instagram: a_pypes
    photos of mountains, friends & family, funny memes, sometimes empowering things or promos for nonprofits I believe in.
  3. list: @ana (obvi)
    not a beta user but I like to think I joined pretty early since @ana was still available. use it for my thoughts and observations
  4. snapchat: anapyper
    rarely snap chat people on an individual basis. probably at least one image or video on my story every day
  5. facebook: Ana Isabelle
    I hate it but it's how my Brasilian family can keep up with my life and it keeps my American family from asking for too many updates from me at family gatherings. I also use it for sharing articles about social justice teaching as a means of making the people I haven't talked to in 10 years more woke.