I've seen a few "breakfast carbs, ranked" lists, but breakfast is so many things that it can't be lumped into one food group like that. I love all of these things more than myself.
  1. 1.
    sausage links
    nothing compares. not even its patty-shaped counterpart. not even bacon (see #6) every time I eat breakfast, I just wish it was a plate of sausage links
  2. 2.
    locally roasted beans turned into black coffee in a chemex
    my favorite hipster mode of coffee brewing
  3. 3.
    breakfast skillet
    this just includes almost everything I love about breakfast so it's perfect
  4. 4.
    American potatoes
    those babies speak for themselves
  5. 5.
    breakfast burrito
    I typically make my own but any time you can combine two of the greatest foods (breakfast + burritos), it's gonna be amazing
  6. 6.
    preferably crispy
  7. 7.
    French bread with butter
    a la the way I grew up - Brasilian style
  8. 8.
    preferably fluffy and not too much syrup
  9. 9.
    Belgian waffles
    my mom has always made terrific homemade ones on Saturday mornings
  10. 10.
    fried egg
    preferably over medium with chili powder, salt & pepper & on wheat toast + avocado