Inspired by @Goldie
  1. taking the joke "too far"
  2. super picky
    lasted until about 6 when I learned that I wouldn't eat at all if I didn't eat what was on my plate
  3. my ability to quote The Kid, Emperor's New Groove, and Big Fat Liar quicker than reciting bible verses I was supposed to memorize
  4. being the biggest tomboy in class
    I cried because my mom didn't let me play tackle football in 6th grade (then I chastised myself for crying because "boys don't cry")
  5. winning a burping contest against all the boys because I was the only one who could burp the ABCs
  6. telling my mom exactly what happened in my dream the moment I woke up
    FAT CHANCE of this happening now — 0 memory retention & 0 desire to speak to anyone upon waking from slumber
  7. the hugest of love for Star Wars
    first crush: Han Solo. second crush: Luke Skywalker. imaginary friends: Luke and an ewok
  8. hating showers
    therefore, notoriously dirty
  9. being dramatic
    but not like high maintenance dramatic, just I'm-the-little-sister-please-pay-attention-to-me dramatic