thx for making me teary eyed at all the years, ol Teddy and I have spent together, @nathanveshecco. there's no ranking because there's only room for #1 in my life
  1. Teddy (aka Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, & Peter)
  2. I've had him since I was 1.
  3. he's gone on every single road trip with me
  4. including the one this past summer when I accidentally left him in KC and had to ask my ex boyfriend to bring Teddy back to my hometown for me which wasn't weird at all
  5. he's lived everywhere I've lived
  6. I'll be 22 in February and still sleep with him every night
  7. I tried to name him Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Peter at various intervals of my childhood
    can you tell I was raised in a Christian home
  8. but could never remember which one he was at what time
  9. so, I reverted back to Teddy
  10. I had other stuffed animals but he's the only one that matters
  11. oh and ALL MY BEANIE BABIES.
    [image from Google because I don't live at my parents' house anymore]
  12. also look how I have found Teddy upon waking.
  13. glam
  14. timeout
  15. such a goof
  16. I love him 💙