I'm bad at track names so my debut album is just stolen from Disney in its entirety
  1. A Star is Born (Hercules Cover)
    because when I was born I was obvi a star 🌟⭐️✨💫
  2. Two Worlds (Tarzan Cover)
    because I'm Brazilian and American and it's always been a weird balance of two worlds
  3. In a World of My Own (Alice in Wonderland)
    because I'm independent af
  4. Why Should I Worry? (Oliver & Company cover) (feat @SpaceCase)
    because I worry about things a lot
  5. Just Around the Riverbend (Pocahontas cover) (feat @nathanveshecco)
    because Pocahontas is my fave and I always tell myself this when I'm right on the edge of exciting things. I would feature Nathan because I feel like he would add the perfect layer of John Smith-ism the song needs
  6. Almost There (A Princess and the Frog cover)
    almost to college graduation 🙌🏽 (14 weeks)
  7. God Help the Outcasts (Hunchback of Notre Dame cover)
    because this is my life's mission and this makes me cry
  8. A Girl Worth Fighting For (Mulan cover) (feat @john)
    this is my power ballad about me devoted to me sung by me (& John Mayer)
  9. Zero to Hero (Hercules cover)
    let's be real, I go 0-hero on a daily basis
  10. I See the Light (Tangled cover)
    this is my funeral dirge and it will bring the people to their feet in applause