it's easy to get irritated with other people. keepin myself humble 🙏🏾
  1. instead of visiting the websites I want to look at on my computer, I leave tabs open on my safari app on my phone because I hate reading on my phone
  2. I try to be super organized so instead of having a thousand things all over the place each one has a box so it's just a thousand boxes
    v counterproductive
  3. I'm notoriously late
    like I try SO HARD but literally any time I was gonna be early, something happens and I'm late
  4. I'm so forgetful to the point that it's scary and I feel bad because I don't remember anything
  5. I have this thing that I have to be the best or only one who does something
    INTJ probz
  6. I'm a coffee snob
    hand grind my coffee, use a chemex, and only buy beans that are locally roasted or freshly roasted. I will drink your crappy coffee but I will tell you over and over that I hate it. sorry.
  7. I don't like when my friend groups mix - it makes me feel pressured
  8. I refuse to download apps for stuff and instead just use their mobile site which then puts me in the predicament of #1
  9. I don't like wine
    I feel like this would be a great friendship creator with other women but being the only beer drinker makes me feel like a bro
  10. I'm a bro