May 7, y'all. "raise a glass to the college grads" - Beyoncé
  1. weekends
    they won't be spent lesson planning, catching up on data, preparing resources, and meaningless college projects. just the first three :)
  2. Sunday's especially
    getting to go to church + spend some time outside without having to dread completing a project and meeting a deadline from college
  3. coffee
    I can drink it more for pleasure than lifeblood
  4. living in Chicago
    sometimes I forget I live in one of the greatest cities in the world because I am always either a) stressing about what I have to do, b) doing what I have to do
  5. an actual relationship
    I haven't been in a real one since sophomore year of college. as much as I joke about not wanting to be in a relationship, I do. I miss the support, the companionship, the secrets and inside jokes, the love that grows slowly and deeply. I hope to be able to make the time for one after I'm not living the double life of a full time student and full time teacher.
  6. friendships
    I don't feel there is enough time for me to develop the authenticity of a good friendship at this point, so I'm having to settle for surface, and it really isn't cutting it.
  7. drinking more often
    my drinking is now so far and few between so when I do drink, I fall quicker (which is cheaper), but I want to enjoy those nights that are just boozy enough to warm your heart and sober enough to remember every detail that happened
  8. weeknight events
    I know teaching will still exhaust me but I hope that I will be able to carve out the time to actually do weeknight events like concerts or events supporting friends
  9. making actual dinners
    I just don't eat because I don't have time to make my meals and can't eat fast food yet again
    I've missed them due to something having to do with college. can't wait to meet you all in person in the coming months, Chicago List Appers ❤️ (@TQ @LeahG @chriscady @meg1 @ all others)