otherwise known as "pathetic things I've done" / mostly places I've changed clothes and places I've slept
  1. changing clothes at a McDonald's
  2. changing my clothes in my car in a Walmart parking lot
  3. changing my clothes in the parking lot of a telemarketing company
  4. eating food from the floor
  5. sleeping on a suitcase when they ran out of beds at a summer camp
  6. sleeping in the car
  7. sleeping standing up during a meeting
  8. sleeping in an armchair because I didn't want to sleep in a bed with 3 other chicks
  9. when my ex broke up with me, I put on his hoodie and zipped it up all the way to the top then cried myself to sleep. when I woke up the snot, mascara, and tears had formed a whole new substance in the sleeve of the hoodie. I still wore the hoodie for much too long after that.
  10. paying in loose change for gas
  11. sobbing/weeping loudly when I saw otters at Busch gardens
    senior trip in Florida. I was 18.
  12. telling men about feminism or human trafficking or other social causes when they hit on me while I'm intoxicated
  13. I couldn't afford a bowl of soup because my landlord double charged me and I cried in the university student center