thanks @nathanveshecco for making me talk about something that seems impossible to put into words on a list
  1. I love that music speaks beyond just its lyrics
  2. I love that it connects to you on a soul level if you'll let it
  3. I love that it's powerful enough to change your mood
  4. I love that rock makes me feel whole
  5. I love that blues keeps me honest
  6. I love that hip hop can get me focused, help me work out, or fall asleep
  7. I love that it transcends experiences
    one of my dad's favorite songs is "I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. he tells me he used to lay in his bed practicing that drum breakdown with his eyes closed. every time I hear that song I picture my father laying on his bed as a young man, lips pursed, eyes squinted shut, tongue out in focused perseverance, trying to master the song
  8. I love that it can wreak havoc on your emotions or uplift you to the highest heights
  9. I love that when I lay on my floor with my eyes closed with music blasting, I feel more centered than when I do any other activity
  10. I love that it can connect any human in any part of the world at any given time
    ask someone in Thailand, South Africa, Wales, or the Bronx about Thriller by Michael Jackson. each person will have a different experience with that song, but it connects us all
  11. I love that I remember so distinctly what song really changed music for me: Come Back to Bed (Live) by @john on As/Is
    he describes a conversation with an ex simply playing guitar riffs as the conversation "back and forth." the first time I heard that song, I think I cried. I felt the conversation and there weren't even words. it's 11 minutes and 54 seconds of sheer beauty.
  12. I love that each person who completes this list request has different lists
  13. music is wonderful and amazing in every way
  14. I love it