1. wow I like this "couldn't care less attitude"
  2. she like to play hard to get, I like that
  3. ah she's not responding to my texts right away
  4. that Ana, hard to get 😍
  5. didn't show up to our date?
  6. literally didn't text me back for 4 hours?
  7. oh she wants to grab coffee
  8. says she's still into me, apologized profusely for being "emotionally weird and difficult to get to know," cool.
  9. cringed when I hugged her. maybe she's sunburned!
  10. oh wait she's Brasilian and doesn't get sunburn?
  11. she probably just bit her tongue on accident
  12. or maybe she doesn't like hugs
  13. this girl is pretty intriguing I suppose
  14. oh wow huge Cubs fan
    super loyal maybe?
  15. oh wow huge John Mayer fan
    likes good music?
  16. oh wow super afraid of commitment
    ok can't justify this one
  17. like I thought I was, but nope
  18. homegirl is beyond emotionally unavailable
  19. is she ok?