don't be a bitter grump on Valentine's Day when there's so many things you could spend your emotions on!
  1. love is a really great thing
    if you've had it - in any form - you can understand. it's worth celebrating that others are in it, on the road to it, or working on it.
  2. you don't have to spend money on anyone but yourself
  3. your value does not decrease just because you don't have a honey
    you are uniquely you and your worth goes well beyond the money you make, the season you find yourself in, and definitely beyond the person you're with or not with.
  4. just imagine how sweet the Valentine's Day will be when you have somebody to share it with after experiencing ones alone.
    it's like the opposite of the saying, "you never know what you got till it's gone" - "you truly appreciate what you got when it's been gone for awhile" (if you want to use that quote, credit moi, thx 😘)
  5. spend the day (or weekend) with friends.
    my pal, @longhini, came into town and we just drank and watched an 80s movie and it was so fun to celebrate living life with a friend. (Palentine's Day 2016)
  6. just think about how amazing the sale on candy will be tomorrow and you can buy. it. all. because you weren't spending money on a S.O.
    once again (refer to gif)
  7. also, you're ALIVE and life is BEAUTIFUL and SO MUCH MORE than who you're posting about on instagram
    how can we get stuck on partners when there's sunrises to see, yummy coffee to drink, warm flannels to wear, books to read, places to travel to, puppies to pet, music to be discovered, canvases to paint, friends to hug....
  8. this
    ...and chipotle to be devoured