Inspired by @lexie_elyse @joemurphy @k8mcgarry and everyone else
  1. Comforting people when they're down
  2. Talking about TV shows for hours on end
  3. Swimming
  4. Giving good advice
  5. Board games
    I get (kind of) competitive
  6. Learning new languages
  7. Grammar
  8. Reading people and situations
  9. Puzzles
  10. Being calm under pressure
  11. Organizing
    Everything from furniture to thoughts 😊
  12. Planning trips
    Finding a balance between popular tourist attractions and 'hidden gems' , making flexible itineraries, finding good places to eat etc.
  13. Remembering random things from the past
    Other people are VERY surprised by this
  14. Giving thoughtful birthday gifts to loved ones
    They have sentimental value and, when possible, are DIY projects
  15. Trivia