A bit late to the party. Inspired by @joemurphy and everyone else. 😃
  1. Glee
    After the second season things went crazy, fast. 😳
  2. How I Met your Mother
    I loved this show, I loved the characters' journeys. The ending though 😡😔 still bitter.
  3. The Big Bang Theory
    Maaaybe I found it funny right at the beginning. I started watching at 16 I think. As I found other comedies, I realised that it's average at best. Still don't understand its popularity
  4. Scandal
    I liked the first season and some season 2 episodes. All downhill from there, for me. Kerry Washington is flawless, though ❤️🙌🏼
  5. Grey's Anatomy
    Sooo many great characters gone. I still love it, though. I miss Cristina so much 😥
  6. Once Upon a Time
    At first it was an intriguing concept, but it got too convoluted for my taste 😕
  7. Gossip Girl
    I started watching in my freshman year of high school. There were some interesting character arcs, especially Blair's imo. And the fashion was 💯💓 But in the end it was a mess really. And the GG reveal??? Give me a break 😒
  8. There are probably other TV shows, but these come to mind right now.
    Great list idea 😀