1. Coxinha
    Difficult to describe, impossible to forget. A drum stick shaped crusty deep fried croquette, filled with pulled chicken and cream cheese.
  2. Feijoada
    Black beans, pork meat, sausage... Hard to explain, even harder to resist!
  3. Brigadeiro
    Small pieces of heaven! Chocolate creamy candy, yummy!
  4. Pão de Queijo
    Cheese bread, good at any time!
  5. Farofa
    Some people from North America said it looks like sand. It is manioc or corn flour toasted and seasoned, served usually in barbecues parties.
  6. Cachorro Quente
    The idea is based on american hot dogs. But in Brazil they will have not only bun and sausage. They will also have tomato sauce, vinaigrette, mayonnaise, cheese, potato purée, bacon, and more if you want.
  7. Quindim
    Egg yolk with lots of sugar in a small shape. So good!
  8. Coraçãozinho
    Yes, it means little hearts. From chicken. You will find them at any churrascaria (steakhouse), from the cheapest to the fanciest.
  9. Barreado
    Pulled meat and spices like cumin, bay leaf, peppers... Rich and tasteful!
  10. Cocada
    Shredded coconut and sugar, it can be dry or more juicy. A popular treat.