1. In medieval Europe
  2. Society was divided up into classes, each with a specific responsibility.
  3. The monastic orders, by their piety
  4. Redeemed the rest of society.
  5. Those who were busy working the fields or running things
  6. Were made holy by the devotion of others.
  7. Since the industrial revolution, we've been telling ourselves
  8. That to be useful to society
  9. Is to produce.
  10. But then there are those of us who cannot slip cleanly into this system.
  11. Who get fuzzy-brained when asked to keep track of purchasing or organise an event.
  12. Who short circuit in a production-oriented environment.
  13. Perhaps the not-fitting is a call to something else.
  14. To care for the spiritual and emotional needs of the group
  15. Through our art.
  16. Imagine a world where there were no artists.
  17. Where everyone worked in an office or factory.
  18. Where there were no artists showing us another way,
  19. Or channeling our emotions
  20. Or sorting through reality
  21. Or finding the meaning.
  22. We need our monks.