Something I keep telling myself.
  1. It is not difficult for us to except that Utopia is unattainable.
  2. And yet we almost always have this sneaking suspicion that we are screeching towards a dystopian state.
    (Or is that just me?)
  3. Both are myths, extrapolated from a reality constantly tilting between the two.
  4. Human existence is in the tilt.
  5. During World War One, almost an entire generation of men was wiped out.
  6. And quakers crossed battlefields with stetchers to carry the wounded to (relative) safety.
  7. Humanity is endlessly caught in the middle between self-destruction and salvation.
  8. That is what all the stories are about.
  9. Sometimes we tilt more one way.
  10. Then another.
  11. But Utopia never arrives.
  12. And nor does her evil twin.
  13. Sometimes hope is nailed to a cross.
  14. And sometimes hope comes back.
  15. The tilt. The story.