@katrinacullingworth yay, first list request! Exciting. Unfortunately I am not an expert in the Disney princess department but I am game nonetheless.
  1. Anastasia
    Ok, not technically a Disney princess but we share a first name. Yep, Ana is short for Anastasia. Also, I have a beach towel with her face on it.
  2. Ariel
    The little mermaid was my favourite when I was little. My mum would fast forward through the Ursula scenes. She was way too scary. Also, the film is based on the Hans Anderson fairytale, which is touching and poignant and sad. And, she shares her name with Prospero's spirit companion in The Tempest, who was imprisoned in a tree when he found her. So.
  3. Belle
    She was English speaking and lived in France, read a lot of books and married a stranger from a strange place. So we're basically the same person. (Except The marrying a stranger part. My husband is a friendly human.) And she shares her name with an excellent Glaswegian band.
  4. That's all I've got for now. I wrote my undergrad dissertation on medieval French fairytales. I could do a more extensive list of those princesses? No? No takers?