Thanks for the request @rebeccaroanoke ! This is lovely, and could qualify for inclusion on this list.
  1. Frogs
    In all shapes and sizes and in any colour. Tadpoles, half-grown and adult. Singing, leaping and splashing. Swimming a stealthy breaststroke just under the surface. Their froggy limbs like little tiny humans. Endlessly charming.
  2. My own face.
    I refuse to have any shame about this. I've been meditating regularly for almost a year now and this seems to be one of the surprise benefits. I can appreciate the beauty of my own person. Or perhaps it's just a side effect of being 26. Also applies to life.
  3. When the little one spontaneously clambers into my lap or reaches for my hand.
    She has mixed feelings about having an adult take care of her who isn't a parent. She likes me but I represent separation... so she also kinda hates me. And I make her eat her veggies.
  4. Scones
    English scones, that is.
  5. These guys
    On the right, husband (unexpected in so many ways). On the left, his besto. An unexpected smile of married life, acquiring the people your loved one loves.